Sensometrix develops value-added biometric identification solutions by bringing security and convenience together, in the democratisation of biometrics without infringing privacy.


Sensometrix brings you the next generation of biometric access control technologies. Until now, biometric access has been inconvenient and uncomfortable for users due to the high security levels that these systems require. Sensometrix products are developed to address the growing demand for innovative security systems. Convenience, speed and security form the bedrock of our product offering.

All members of the Sensometrix team have been working hard to make real unique and leading products on a fast-growing market. The Sensometrix team understands that biometric solutions must offer a clear value proposition for our customers.

With a growing network of global partners, Sensometrix operates internationnaly in the following sectors: pharmaceutical / healthcare, banking / financial, transport, government and manufacturing.

Sensometrix is a limited liability security company founded in Geneva in 2006.

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